Hybrid Full Inch Memory Foam-Latex Thick Mattress

Size customization available
  • Posture support
  • Eco-institute tested non-toxic
  • Active cooling
  • Optimized Oxygen
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Memory foam + Natural Latex Hybrid - provides a balance of contouring pressure relief from the memory foam and resilience from the latex. Maximize the benefits of both materials for comfort, support and cool sleep

Aussie Hcl Foam- high-tech molecular material featuring small and dense air hole to give 33 times higher superior ventilation .

Eco-institute tested product

Non-toxic mattress - Tested for harmful substances according to Oeko-Tex Standard 

Thick full inch mattress for those that prioritize plush

Colors: light grey, dark grey, white

King & Queen Mattress Sizes

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Specifications of Hybrid Full Inch Memory Foam-Latex Thick Mattress

Dark Grey
Dark Grey Dark Grey
Light Grey Light Grey
White White